Halloween pronunciation

Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Mon Nov 5 18:54:29 UTC 2001

For further perusal, go have a listen to Tim Burton's 1993 CLASSIC "The
Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack (or watch the DVD).

"This Is Halloween"  (track 3): the Chorus alternates between "halloween" and
"holloween".  At one point I think they even use the two as contrasts (0:56
minutes into the song). Then, in the "Reprise" (track 18) the Werewolf
absolutely says "holloween".

Go figure.

As to "hallow" being obsolete, I'm giving a nuh-unh.  I think it just a
matter of the circles one runs in (i.e. jock, burnout, and the
under-represented freak and nerd).  Especially at this time of year,
everybody knows A.) a witch must be killed on hallowed ground, B.) gound must
be blessed to be hallowed, and C.) the fire over a vampire's buried treasure
burns blue.

Douglas S. Bigham
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

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