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> What makes you think linguists don't have likes and dislikes (i.e.,
> prejudices)? I betcha geologists think there are purty and ugly rocks.
> dInIs

Hi again, Dennis,

What makes me think that linguists don't have likes and dislikes? You're
allowed to say that you like Spanglish, but you aren't allowed to say that
you dislike it. If you did dislike it, it would be unscientific of you to
admit to it. Me, I think that Spanglish is less rich and expressive than
Spanish. Science be damned. But at least I know I'm ignorant about Spanglish
and I'm willing to learn more about it. I just ordered Bill Teck's Official
Spanglish Dictionary to educate myself. Ed Morales' Living in Spanglish is
coming out next year. Should be interesting. Here's a book I wasn't aware of
until a few minutes ago: Trudy Espinoza-Abrams, Medical Spanglish. I'm glad
someone went to the trouble of compiling this dictionary. It could save
lives. Who knows, one day I may end up thinking and dreaming in Spanglish.

Back to Neudeutsch...

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