nucular and Latino translation at BILLIONBRIDGES.COM
Thu Nov 15 00:22:40 UTC 2001

Nevertheless, we Canadians and many Brits as well
cringe at the nasal "r" at the end of the American
"foyer".  And I'd argue that the long "a" vowel sound
at the end of the US "f at lay" for filet puts it equally
as distant from the French as the British Fill at t,--
even though the Brits pronounce the "t" at the end,
at least they get that last vowel sound right.


> Funny you should say that Steve when, in fact, US treatment of most
> foreign words is considerably closer to the original (at least in
> gross vowel quality, although obviously not in detail) than, for
> example, British English treatment of the same stuff.
> A long list could be given but look just at US f at LAY and Brit. FILL at t
> for filet.
> dInIs

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