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Well, I dunno. We do a pretty good job with Italian food items (for
example), again, especially compared to traditional British
proniciations, which actually used to have a pronuncaition  of
"pizza" with rhymed with "pit." I've never heard anything is the US
other than "Pete." Looks like the "Pete" pronunciation actually went


>In a message dated 11/14/01 10:37:12 AM, preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU writes:
><< Funny you should say that Steve when, in fact, US treatment of most
>foreign words is considerably closer to the original (at least in
>gross vowel quality, although obviously not in detail) than, for
>example, British English treatment of the same stuff. >>
>I agree that the Brits mangle foreign words more than Americans. But my
>comparison was between what Americans do to Spanish versus other languages.
>They seem to show Spanish pronunciation more respect that they do that of
>other languages. Maybe they're just more familiar with Spanish.
>Steve Boatti

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