The Ecuador Cookbook

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by Christy Buchanan and Cesar Franco
Printed in Quito, Ecuador
124 pages, paperback, $10

(The book is Spanish on one page and English on the other.  I will note just the English pages--ed.)

Pg. 7:  While Cebiche is a common Latin American dish, cold shrimp soup is an unusual breakfast item for the unaquainted.  Regional favorites like Viche or Cazuela are missed because the name offers no explanation of the food.
Pg. 23:  Achote...  ( a red oil used to color most sauces and soups.)
Pg. 23:  Aji... ( a hot sauce that accompanies every meal.)
Pg. 27:  Alino...  ( a pureed garlic and cumin seasoning for meats, fish and sauces.)
Pg. 27:  Refrito...  ( onion, tomato, and green pepper fried with oil and water, the basis for many recipes.)
Pg. 33:  Cocolon...  ( a crunchy layer of rice formed at the bottom of the pot by increasing oil and cooking time.)
Pg. 33:  Bolon...  ( a fist sized ball of mashed plantain and cheese.)
Pg. 35:  Chifles... (...are thinly sliced plantain disks, fried until crunchy.)
Pg. 45:  Humitas... (...are a lovable fresh corn treat, steamed inside corn husks.)
Pg. 49:  Moros de Lenteja...  ( a fancy name for rice cooked with lentils, a great one pot sidedish.)
Pg. 49:  Patacones...  (...are thick plantain chips.)
Pg. 51:  Torrejos de Choclo... (...are fresh corn pancakes...)
Pg. 55:  Chupe... ( a coastal chowder characterized by fried fish swimming in a light broth.)
Pg. 57:  Locro de Papa... ( a hearty mountain chowder distinguished by a lettuce and avocado garnish.)
Pg. 59:  Repe... ( easy to make green banana soup.)
Pg. 61:  Quinoa Soup...  (...comes from the Andes, where Quinoa is grown.)
Pg. 77:  Plantain Cazuela...  ( a plantain and peanut stew baked and served in individual ceramic bowls.)
Pg. 85:  Encocado... (...describes foods cooked in a cocnut flavored sauce.)
Pg. 91:  Vegetarian Guatita...  (...potato and peanut stew.)
Pg. 93:  Llapingachos... (...are fat mashed potato pancakes.)
Pg. 95:  Menestra...  ( a nice name for beans or lentils cooked in a seasoned sauce until soft and broken.)
Pg. 99:  Calentado...  ( a breakfast dish made of fried menestra and rice.)
Pg. 101:  Sango...  ( a thick corn or plantain stew cooked with fish or shrimp.)
Pg. 103:  Seco...  ( characterized by a tangy sauce used to cook meat or chicken.)
Pg. 109:  Come y Bebe...  (...Eat and Drink, is a fruit salad so juicy it is served in a drinking glass with a spoon.)
Pg. 111:  Manjar de Leche... (...caramel dessert...)
Pg. 111:  Quaker... (...thick fruity oat drink along the coast.)
Pg. 113:  Resbaladera... (...creamy drink made from rice, oats and milk.)

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