Banos restaurants

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Sat Nov 17 22:54:30 UTC 2001

   Banos is a very touristy town in Ecuador.  There are lots of restaurants here, and most of them have English on the window menu displays.
   The popular cuisines appear to be American-Mexican (tacos, etc.) and American-Italian (pizza) and American (hamburgers).

TREE TOMATO--OED has 1880, and defines it as "native of Columbia and Peru."  This is a bad slight of Ecuador!  Tree tomato juice, so popular here, is not given in the OED definition.

COFFEES--The Casa Hood here offers Cafe Expreso, Machiato, Elixer, Negro, Pintado (coffee with milk), Con Leche, Hindu, Mocca.  Also seen are CORTADO (cafe, leche, crema) and CARAJILLO (coffee and cognac).

PERICO OMELETTE--tomato, onion, green pepper.  From the Plantas y Blanco restaurant.

POPEYE (CaesarĀ“s Bar Ristorante)--mozarella, espinaca, cebolla, ajo.
DIABLA (CaesarĀ“s)--mozarella, ajo, jamon, aji.

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