amber & dork

Thu Nov 29 18:13:28 UTC 2001


> I grew up in CA (born 1966 in SF) & have *never* heard amber for traffic
> lights until this discussion. I always say & hear yellow. I think I
> have heard orange, but very seldom if at all.
> & what's the other/earlier meaning of dork? I say it all the time so I
> to know if there is some risque connotation I've haven't known about!

Could "amber light" be "East Coast"?  I've lived in the Pacific NW most of
my life, and all I've ever heard was "yellow light"  I think it was "yellow
light" when I lived in Texas, too.  And "dork"?  It's been around a long
time, but  has been used most recently by people of my daughter's
generation(she's in her 20'snow) since the 1980's.  It didn't have any
risque connotation as far as I know, but I heard my older brother use it
once, as a joke, long before, and I think it did, years ago, but I'm not
sure what it is.  Can anybody else out there enlighten?
Anne G

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