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Jonathon Green slang at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Thu Nov 29 18:21:47 UTC 2001

Dork once (late 19C-1930s) meant a thick slice of bread and butter but I
doubt that even the most dedicated anti-foodie could call that 'risque'.
What I asume is its risque meaning stems from the slang use of the word to
mean a penis, which seems to have emerged in the 1960s and is cited in
American Speech (39:2 p.118) as 'probably Midwestern'. It is paired with
_dirk_ and is a. one of those terms in which the penis is equated with some
form of stabbing instrument and b. a 'penis term' that is also used to mean
a fool. The ety. may also include the influence of another popular slang
penis-synonym with a 'd' initial, _dick_.

Jonathon Green

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