Verbless slogans - A new trend?

P2052 at AOL.COM P2052 at AOL.COM
Fri Nov 30 14:49:07 UTC 2001

>From my own experience, I would suggest the following:
"We be ready" wouldn't be appropriate when referring to future events (e.g.,
plans for the whole year) since the statement indicates a general present
habitual state, based on past [before the moment of speaking] occurrences
(e.g.,  Whenever we have to play the Tigers, we be ready" [="Every time we
play the Tigers, we are ready" or "Every time we played the Tigers, we were
ready" or  "Every time we've played the Tigers, we have been ready."])  "We
ready" (=We are ready) is the better choice since it indicates a present
state of physical or mental preparedness for whatever happens in the near or
distant future.  P-A-T

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