Robot, Schmalz (1818_

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by Richard Bright
Edinburgh: Archibald Constable and Company

   This continues discussion of "robot" (for which this is the earliest cite so far) and "schmalz."
   I had put this book aside to read it more carefully, but I still didn't find "paprika."

Pg. 116:
_Robot Valtsag._--Money paid to redeem the appointed labour or robot.

Pg. 117:
_Rettul_.--Remuneration for additional pasture lands usually paid in labour, four or five days' _robot_, that is, service, being given for a joch.

Pg. 117:
_Robotos_.--Or, if they prefer it, must give 12 days' labour.

Pg. 118:
_Robottos_.--Labour paid for houses.

Pg. 594:
   As the peasant has here so little _robot_ to perform, while his portion of land and his vineyards are extensive, his circumstances are usually good...

Pg. 432:
   ...20 pounds of butter, boiled down and skimmed, (known under the name of _schmalz_,)...

Pg. 481:
   This butter is melted and boiled over the fire, and skimmed as long as any thing rises to the surface.  By this process the quantity is reduced so much, that from every two pfunds only one pfund and a quarter remains.  This is called _schmalz_, and is used very much in all Hungarian cooking.  It is not salted, and will keep fresh and good for two years.  The butter-milk is then coagulated and made into large round cheeses.

Pg. 482:
   ..._tengeri buza_ signifies _sea wheat_. (...) The Walachians, in particular, seem partial to this grain, making it into bread, and a cake which they call _mate_.

Pg. 516:
   The herds of cattle, or _gulya_, are frequent in this part of Hungary.
(The closest thing to _goulash_ here--ed.)

Pg. 556:
   ...maize, from the meal of which they prepare a thick porridge, the Polenta of the Italians, called by them _mamaliga_.

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