"Windy City" wrong in Chicago Sun-Times (3-24-02)

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Sun Apr 7 22:15:06 UTC 2002

   I checked, but the Chicago Sun-Times hasn't yet done an article on the new New York City newspaper, the New York Sun.
   However, that other Chicago newspaper also got "Windy City" wrong recently.  A few years ago, after I'd been rejected by the Chicago Tribune, I then sent my work to the Chicago Sun-Times...

Chicago Sun-Times

It seems like the great Johnnie Cochran isn't as intelligent as he would like everyone to believe ["City blames operator of scaffold," news story, March 13]. Representing the family of one of the scaffold accident victims, in his statement to the media, the great one states: "This is the Windy City. It's certainly foreseeable that there's going to be wind."

Yes, it is very windy here often, but that isn't why Chicago got its nickname. The city got its nickname because of the abundance of big-mouth, blowhard politicians.

Gary Salvaggio,


(OK, back to other linguistic work.  I'm having a hell of a time antedating the Spanish "tapas," which I did not see in the early works--ed.)

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