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Yes, they all call me by my first name (of course, no one can even come close to pronouncing my last name without some coaching/training) .  However, when the doctor comes in he or she will say "I'm Tom."  I feel a little uneasy about this.  I get the feeling that they have been told to do this, probably to bond with their patients.  I don't want bonding; I feel like Major Healy when he's on the operating table and sees Major Nelson standing over him, ready to operate after Jeanie has blinked Nelson into the operating room as a surgeon.
Fritz, with the unpronounceable last name--Juengling

>>> pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU 04/12/02 11:02AM >>>
Wow, where did you find those doctors and staffs?  I've noticed (and been
irritated) for a long time that doctors' and dentists' offices are the
worst offenders.  "Peter, Dr. Smith will see you now" is the norm at any
doctor's or dentist's office I've been in for years.  It seems to be a new
way they've come up with to be condescending.


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> Now that I'm seeing more and more doctors
> and their office staffs, I've noticed that they all want to call me
> "Mrs Faber".

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