First names (was: SIGNIFICANT OTHER)

Erin McKean editor at VERBATIMMAG.COM
Fri Apr 12 19:00:42 UTC 2002

>  Peter A. McGraw <pmcgraw at> wrote:

>I suppose it's purely a generational thing.  Or does class play a role?
>Did it come in with telemarketing, or did telemarketing simply pick up an
>already established more?  Are there younger members of this list who find
>the ubiquitous use of first names so unremarkable that they can't
>understand how Beverly and I could "have a problem with that"?

I think it's for a purely practical reason -- first names, are, on
the whole, easier to pronounce than last names. (My husband hangs up
on anyone who can't pronounce his last name; I'm sure quite a few
people do the same!) Thus, the telemarketers use first names to make
you think that you are being called by a friend, or at least an
acquaintance, instead of a total stranger trying to sell you

What I want to know is, who actually buys from these people? Is it
really so profitable that it's a business model?

--Erin McKean

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