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>I got this question from an ethnomusicologist friend of mine. If anyone
>has any info, please respond to Jennifer directly (unless of course you
>think the discussion would be Fun For All; in which case please do copy
>jennifer as well.
>Her query is what 'popo' might mean.

"Popo" is German slang for "butt"/"bottom" AFAIK.

I cannot find "popo" as a Japanese word at a glance -- except in apparently
nonsense contexts and as a song name and as a fictional name or a 'handle'
("Popo-chan" etc.) on the Web. However the big Eijiro online
English/Japanese dictionary includes the 'English' word "popo" =
"butt"/"arse". Since I don't find "popo" in my English dictionaries (even
slang ones) at a glance, I am doubtful. Can Japanese distinguish English
words from German ones reliably? I tried "Arbeit" which is fully adopted
into Japanese; this didn't fool the dictionary, but "Arbeitsarm" = "work
arm" is listed as an English word ... hmm. Anyway, IF "popo" means
*anything* in pop Japanese-English, I'd guess "butt".

What about "popo bar"? I don't know (maybe specialty drinking
establishments in Japan include such a category?), but "Popo bar" is found
once on the Web in German, in this rather casual [I guess] passage
describing an online cheesecake site:

<<Großformatig lockt das Weib. An sich zeigt Elke uns ihre Frontansicht.
Aber dabei bleibt es nicht. Denn mit dem Klick kommt der Kick. Kaum wird
einem die Kehrtwende gewahr, da zeigt sie ihren Popo bar.>>

So Elke shows her front side and then her popo ... I suppose the "bar"
might could mean "bare" (like in "barfuß"), but is this normal German? Or
is this a double-entendre or pun or whatever? Maybe somebody who is
familiar with German can tell me/us.

-- Doug Wilson

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