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Mon Apr 15 17:34:50 UTC 2002

> Ah ha! Thank you! -- But in the comic strip it's> used nominally, since> it's pluralized: "Stunods!"> I've never heard it used that way, although some people I worked with seemed to be ok with that. They also clarified that it doesn't mean "crazy" so much as "idiotic"--"punch-drunk" was also given. Another observation  is that the 's' may not be plural, but rather an Italian-American thing. They seemed to think that Itialina-Americans sometimes add an 's' to words. I don't know about that.> How's it pronounced?It's pronounced STEW-NODS. Although I've never seen it spelled, I always spelled it in my head "stunad(e)" 'cause that seemed more Italian to me. A google search for "stunad" showed 101 web hits. Here's a few:John Gotti loves Big Brother    Whaddya kiddin' me here? Give me a friggin' break already! You're sittin' there in front of a friggin' computer whose-its wearin' whatever youse is wearin'and I'm friggin' locked up like a caged friggin' animal.....They gotta be dumber than I am to volunteer for such a stunt, Madon! Their Stunad!- J Gotti e pazzo? Whaddya kiddin' me here?Go back already! Nobody's makin' no collectable cards alright? Mingia!Whaddya stunad or somethin'? Ti sei bevuto il cervello? responded, "Kill myself? Are you crazy, I'd want to shoot that doctor, he's a stunad (moron)" Can't you imagine her making her getaway, gun in hand,racing toward the exit in her wheelchair, shouting "Out of my way or I'll shoot". What a grandmother! this from a lively exchange on the ItalianRap WWW board:ok first and foremost learn how to spell right so that people can read how stupid you sound. second i live in an italian american hood born and raised 22 years pelham bay section of the bronx, ansd ive lasted among cats like you that know dick. it's spelled stonato or stunatu or stunad for all you ITALIAN AMERICAN HEADS. Ed

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