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> > Ah ha! Thank you! -- But in the comic strip it's>
> used nominally, since> it's pluralized: "Stunods!">
> I've never heard it used that way, although some
> people I worked with seemed to be ok with that. They
> also clarified that it doesn't mean "crazy" so much
> as "idiotic"--"punch-drunk" was also given. Another
> observation  is that the 's' may not be plural, but
> rather an Italian-American thing. They seemed to
> think that Itialina-Americans sometimes add an 's'
> to words. I don't know about that.> How's it
> pronounced?It's pronounced STEW-NODS. Although I've
> never seen it spelled, I always spelled it in my
> head "stunad(e)" 'cause that seemed more Italian to
> me. A google search for "stunad" showed 101 web
> hits. Here's a few:John Gotti loves Big Brother
> Whaddya kiddin' me here? Give me a friggin' break
> already! You're sittin' there in front of a friggin'
> computer whose-its wearin' whatever youse is
> wearin'and I'm friggin' locked up like a caged
> friggin' animal.....They gotta be dumber than I am
> to volunteer for such a stunt, Madon! Their Stunad!-
> J Gotti
> e pazzo? Whaddya kiddin' me here?Go back already!
> Nobody's makin' no collectable cards alright?
> Mingia!Whaddya stunad or somethin'? Ti sei bevuto il
> responded, "Kill myself? Are you crazy, I'd want to
> shoot that doctor, he's a stunad (moron)" Can't you
> imagine her making her getaway, gun in hand,racing
> toward the exit in her wheelchair, shouting "Out of
> my way or I'll shoot". What a grandmother!
> this from a lively exchange on the ItalianRap WWW
> board:ok first and foremost learn how to spell right
> so that people can read how stupid you sound. second
> i live in an italian american hood born and raised
> 22 years pelham bay section of the bronx, ansd ive
> lasted among cats like you that know dick. it's
> spelled stonato or stunatu or stunad for all you
> Ed
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