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Thanks for the cites and reformatting... although it took me a few
moments to realize that each URL goes with the cite above it, separated
by a blank line, rather than the cite below it with no separation
(rearranged below).

The closest I can find in my old Cassell's (newest copyright 1967) is
"stonato, a. Out of tune; jarring, discordant; out of place". More
suggestive is the last definition of "stonare, v.i. [...] to disagree."
But of course Italian dialects can diverge so widely that negative
evidence from this moderate-sized dictionary of standard Italian is no
evidence at all.

Comments interspersed:

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Ed Keer wrote:

#> friggin' animal.....They gotta be dumber than I am
#> to volunteer for such a stunt, Madon! Their Stunad!-
#> J Gotti

Pretty evidently the same as the "stunod" I saw.

#> e pazzo? Whaddya kiddin' me here?Go back already!
#> Nobody's makin' no collectable cards alright?
#> Mingia!Whaddya stunad or somethin'? Ti sei bevuto il

Semantics not as clearly equivalent.

#> responded, "Kill myself? Are you crazy, I'd want to
#> shoot that doctor, he's a stunad (moron)" Can't you


#> spelled stonato or stunatu or stunad for all you

Not clear from context that it means the same thing, but probably does.
The item it's replying to is no help, and depressing even to look at:

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