Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Apr 16 01:04:48 UTC 2002

>The closest I can find in my old Cassell's (newest copyright 1967) is
>"stonato, a. Out of tune; jarring, discordant; out of place". More
>suggestive is the last definition of "stonare, v.i. [...] to disagree."
>But of course Italian dialects can diverge so widely that negative
>evidence from this moderate-sized dictionary of standard Italian is no
>evidence at all.

Looks right to me. I never heard this "stunod" as I recall ... although I
heard "stugazz'" (my spelling) enough in the 1960's ["esto cazzo"?].

While Iooking this one up, I noticed Larry Horn's "nato e sputato" [= "born
and spat out" I guess] meaning "the spit and image of" [sic] ... in the
SMALL (Bantam paperback) Italian-English dictionary!

-- Doug Wilson

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