Hollandaise Sauce (1842)

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by the Countess of Blessington
(Maguerite Blessington--ed.)
in two volumes
London: Henry Colburn

   OED cites Thackery (1841) for "Turbot a la Hollandaise."  It also cites Escoffier (1907) for "Hollandaise Sauce."
   Curiously, Merriam-Webster dates "Hollandaise Sauce" to 1907.  This is just an overly literal and late reading of OED cites; 1907 is way off.
   This is a year later than Thackery, but is worth posting until I come across something earlier in my readings (of Holland & France).

Pg. 8:  A _propos_ of cooks, an amusing instance of the _amour propre_ of a Parisian cook was related to me by the gourmand Lord __, the last time we dined at his house.  Wishing to have a particular sauce made which he (Pg. 9--ed.) had tasted in London, and for which he got the receipt, he explained to his cook, an artist of great celebrity, how the component parts were to be amalgamated.
   "How, my lord!" exclaimed _Monsieur le cuisinier_; "an English sauce!  Is it possible your lordship can taste any thing so barbarous?  Why, years ago, my lord, a profound French philosopher described the English as a people who had a hundred religions, but only one sauce."
   More anxious to get the desired sauce than to defend the taste of his country, or correct the impertinence of his cook, Lord -- immediately said, "On recollection, I find I made a mistake; the sauce I mean is _a la Hollandaise_, not _a l'Anglaise_."
   "A _la bonheur_, my lord, _c'est autre chose_;" and the sauce was forthwith made, and was served at table the day we dined with Lord --.

Pg. 24:  ...a _broche roti_, and a _Turbot a la Hollandaise_, supplied the place of the usual _pieces de resistance_.

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