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   Emeril has a "Puttanesca" sauce.  I was surprised, but I found that EVERYONE has a "Puttanesca" sauce.
   "Puttanesca" is not in Merriam-Webster, not in OED, and not in John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK.  The NYPL has a food bibliography on the shelf (1970s & 1980s), and the sauce isn't there, either.  There are a few handy Italian reference books, but not one has it.
   I have the "bad" Lexis/Nexis and no access to the DOw Jones database right now.  The NYPL has EBSCO.  There were ten hits, with the earliet in OPERA NEWS, May 1985, pages 11-14+, "Festa Italiana!"  GLAMOUR magazine, September 1985, pg. 390, also have "Puttanesca."  A NYC restaurant called Puttanesca opened and was reviewed in NEW YORK magazine, May 20, 1996, pg. 144+.  The restaurant was also reviewed in the NEW YORK TIMES, July 5, 1996, pg. C21.

by J. A. Longworth
in two volumes
London: Henry Colburn

Pg. 44:
   The declivities on either side as we advanced were thickly covered with millet, the staple article of food in the country, and as welcome in its vivid verdure to the eye of the Circassian, as oats, the chief of Scotia's food, to the North Briton.  Indeed, our conductors, by a very natural sort of second sight, beheld it already smoking on the platter, calling out "Pasta!  Pasta!" the glee with which they pointed to it being doubtless enhanced by the consideration that it was in their defiles comparatively safe, not, as in the plains, exposed to the devastations of the Muscovite.

EASTER HARE--I checked the Periodicals Contents Index.  "The Easter Hare" is in ATLANTIC MONTHLY, 1890, page 665, and the same title is in FOLKLORE (1892), pg. 441.

DELL'S NOT FOR DUNKING--Yesterday was a very hot day, and I had just finished five or so posts, going on to Puttanesca and Pasta, and I somehow misplaced my "Lazagne."  I had a VITA-J drink in hand, but I spilled it onto my 1998 Dell Inspiron 7000, killing it forever.  I called up Dell, and ordered their cheapest new notebook as a replacement.
   It costs more money than I've ever made from writing in my entire life.

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