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My favorite snippet from the book was the bit that described the captured
blond Angles brought to Rome and presented to the Pope. (Of course the
book's in storage so this is hardly an exact quote and the Latin is
probably wrong):
'Upon being told they were Angels, the Pope said "Non angeli, sed
Anglicani" ("not angels, but Anglicans") and sent St. Augustine to convert
the rest.'

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At 10:18 PM 4/19/02 -0600, Victoria Neufeldt wrote:
>It also has that wonderful account of how during the time of Henry the VIII,
>the Pope and all his followers seceded from the Church of England.  In
>addition there is the statement at the beginning that History is not what
>happened.  History is what you can remember (or words to that effect).
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>Dave Wilton writes:
> >
> > If memory serves, it's from the title page of "1066 And All That" by W.C.
> > Sellar and R.J. Yeatman, 1930, Methuen & Co., Ltd.
> >
> > One of the authors was listed as "Failed M.A., Oxon."
> > Unfortunately, I can't
> > find my old copy. I have a 1993 edition, but that doesn't include the
> > original title page so I can't verify any of this.
> >
> > The book is hilarious, by the way. I highly recommend it. Great
> > stuff like,
> > "Henry IV, A Split King [...] Finding, however, that he was not memorable,
> > he very pathetically abdicated in favor of Henry IV, Part II" and
> > "Whenever
> > [Richard I] returned to England he always set out again
> > immediately for the
> > Mediterranean and was therefore known as Richard Gare de Lyon."

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