Canapes, Brie, Fondu, Vol-au-Vent (1827)

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by A. B. Beauvilliers
Restaurateur, Paris
Third Edition
London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green

   "Canapes,"  1890 in OED and M-W.
   The author was a famous restaurateur in Paris.  OED mentions him once, but has zero citations from his book.  Not even the revised OED.
   Oy, is this stuff bad.

Pg. 3:  Cressy Soup--Potage a la Crecy.
(OED has 1859 for "cressy"--ed.)

Pg. 14:  Veloute, ou Coulis Blanc.
(OED has 1830 for "veloute," which is here several times--ed.)

Pg. 20:  Sauce Tomate.
(OED doesn't even have a special entry for "tomato sauce"--ed.)

Pg. 25:  Poele.
(OED has 1830 for "poelee"--ed.)

Pg. 27:  Sauce a la Tartar.
(OED has 1855 for "tartar sauce"--ed.)

Pg. 27:  Garlic Butter.--Sauce au Beurre d'Ail.
(OED has 1942 for "garlic butter"--ed.)

Pg. 44:  Ragout a la Chipolata.
(OED has 1877 for "chipolata"--ed.)

Pg. 100:  Boudin (several variations--ed.).
(OED has 1845 for "boudin"--ed.)

Pg. 190:  Morue a la Hollandaise.
Pg. 191:  ...serve with it a white sauce with capers, melted butter _a la Hollandaise_, or with a lobster sauce...
(OED has "Hollandaise" from Thackery in 1841--ed.)

Pg. 205:  GRATIN.
(The title of a section.  OED has 1806, then 1844--ed.)

Pg. 214:  Pate a la Financiere.

Pg. 215:  Vol-au-Vent.
(OED has 1828 for "vol-au-vent"--ed.)

Pg. 223:  Ramakins.--Fondus.
   Take raspt _Gruyere_ and _Parmesan_ cheese in equal quantities, wet them with yolks of eggs, add a little melted butter; mix all well together; beat the whites very well; add them by degrees, stirring them lightly with a wooden spoon; have cases ready, and fill them only half; bake them in an oven heated as for biscuits, and serve hot.

Pg. 223:  Take the quarter of a fine fat cheese _de Brie_, beaten and sifted...
(OED has 1876 for "Brie"--ed.)

Pg. 224:  Brioche Cheese--Brioche au Fromage.

Pg. 225:  Baba.
(OED has Ude's FRENCH COOKERY, 1827, for "baba."  This book is not used, and the next cite is 1846--ed.)

Pg. 231:  Cake Madeleine.--Gateau a la Madeleine.
(The revised OED has 1845 for "Madeleine," although it does give a 1767 French citation.  This would be the second French cite and the first English one--ed.)

Pg. 232:  Ladies' Lips.--Bouchees de Dames.

Pg. 233:  Mirlitons a la Parsienne.
(The revised OED has 1819 in another sense.  This would be the second cite for "mirliton"--ed.)

Pg. 234:  Aggyzinas--Fanchonnettes.

Pg. 307:  Pistache Ice Cream.--Glace de Creme aux Pistaches.
(OED has 1916 for "pistachio ice cream"--ed.)

Pg. 326:  Canapes pour Hors d'Oeuvre.
(...)  ...season the _canapes_ (fried bread) with salt, pepper, and vinegar...
(OED has 1890 for "canape"--ed.)

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