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PUMPERNICKEL (continued)

   There's a nice "Snopes" discussion of "pumpernickel."  Cecil Adams ("The Straight Dope") also addressed it last December.  Google for "pumpernickel" and "Napoleon" and "horse."
   The usual story involves Napoleon invading Russia, but that was in 1812.  This comes from 1806-1807.
   Not that the etymology is now true, just that it goes back a-ways.

by Mrs. Margaret Dods
The Third Edition
Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, and Bell and Bradfute

Pg. 143:  VEGETABLE SOUPS, or _Potage Printier_.

(Nice discussion--ed.)

Pg. 220:  The French fry sliced potatoes in goose-dripping, (Pg. 221--ed.) which has a very high relish; and before serving, drain them on a towel before the fire.
(FWIW for "french fried potatoes"--ed.)

Pg. 240:  VINEGRET _for cold Meat or Fowl_.--Chop young mint, parsley, and shalot together, and mix them up with salt, oil, and good vinegar.
(OED has 1877 for "vinaigrette"?--ed.)

Pg. 250:  _Dutch Fish Sauce._

Pg. 314:  _Canapes._ (...) ...season the _canapes_ (fried bread) with salt, pepper, and vinegar...
(This "canapes" looks plagiarized from what I previously posted!--ed.)

Pg. 314:  _Oxford Sausages._
Pg. 315:  _Epping Sausages._
Pg. 315:  _Bologna Sausages._
(OED has 1566, then 1842 for "Bologna sausage"--ed.)
Pg. 315:  _Beauvillier's Sausages._
Pg. 315:  _Smoked Scotch Sausages._
Pg. 315:  _Common Beef Sausages._
Pg. 315:  _Savaloys._
(OED has 1837 for "saveloy"--ed.)

Pg. 316:  DEVILS.
(Nice discussion--ed.)

Pg. 319:  The grated cheese may also be mixed up with the boiled macaroni, and having dished it, strew fine bread-crumbs lightly over it, and pour melted butter on the crumbs through a colander.
(Macaroni & cheese?--ed.)

Pg. 319:  Butter, and cover the toast with slices of sound fat Stilton, Gouda, or Dunlop cheese of the first quality.
(OED has 1885 for "Gouda"--ed.)

Pg. 322:  _Scotch Eggs._
(OED has 1809, then 1965 for "Scotch eggs"--ed.)

Pg. 321:  _Swiss Eggs._

Pg. 326:  _French Sauce a la Tartare._

Pg. 329:  _Remoulade._
(OED has 1845 for "remoulade"--ed.)

Pg. 342:  FOWL A LA CHINGARA, _a favourite Gourman Dish._
("Chingara" not in OED?--ed.)

Pg. 346:  _Quenelles and Boudins._
(OED has 1845 for "quenelle"--ed.)

Pg. 352:  _Paste-Buttons and Melvilles._
(Before Herman Melville--ed.)

Pg. 353:  _Bouchees de Dames, Ladies' Lips or Kisses._
(See also previous posts for "kisses"--ed.)

Pg. 370:  IRISH STEW.
(A nice discussion here, which includes "HUNTER'S PIE."  What date is volume one of this work?--ed.)

Pg. 372:  BREAD AND MEAT, _or Koobbe._

Pg. 388:  _Vol-au-vent._

Pg. 420:  _Snow-Balls._
(Sweet dishes of rice--ed.)

Pg. 421:  _Mille Feuilles, Italian Pyramid, or Puits d'Amour._

Pg. 445:  _Irish Bread Breachd._
(Irish Soda Bread without the soda?--ed.)

("Miroton" and "Mirliton" can be found here also, if OED wants to revise the revised entries--ed.)

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