Kirschwasser, Goldwasser, Thieves' Vinegar (1797)

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sun Apr 21 23:25:38 UTC 2002

Barry cites:

>Pg. 330:  That however which they gave us, at the inn, was not very good;
>but of that >kind of common Italian red wine which is called _Vino
>Brusco_*: in opposition to >the _Vino Amabile**.
>*Rough wine.
>**Smooth or pleasant wine.<

Rough it may be, but one of the pleasantest bottles of wine I ever enjoyed
was a Brusco bought & drunk (with others), sitting on a wall in Fiesole
after walking up from Florence............

>, _accto de i fette ladri_: or vinegar of the seven thieves.

I fee we fimply muft do fomething about our fcanners fo that they will
learn to diftinguifh between thofe long effes  and  effs.

A. Murie

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