Kirschwasser, Goldwasser, Thieves' Vinegar (1797)

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translated from the German of
Frederic Leopold Count Stolberg
by Thomas Holcroft
in four volumes
the Second Edition
London: G. G. and J. Robinson

   OED has 94 citations from this book.  It's not a great book for my purposes, and, at four volumes and 2,000+ pages, it was long.
   But still, of course, there's good stuff.

Pg. 255:  They gave us excellent butter and honey; and we men took a strengthening draught of the Switzerland Kirschwasser*, which is neither inferior in strength nor taste to the Dantzic Goldwasser**.
*Cherry Brandy.
**Dantzic Brandy.
(OED has 1819 for "Kirschwasser."  OED has an extremely late 1920 for "Goldwasser," a word of certain Republican interest--ed.)

Pg. 330:  That however which they gave us, at the inn, was not very good; but of that kind of common Italian red wine which is called _Vino Brusco_*: in opposition to the _Vino Amabile**.
*Rough wine.
**Smooth or pleasant wine.
(Neither wine term is in the OED--ed.)

Pg. 197:
   _Se Salerno averse un porto_,
   _Napoli farebbe morto_*.
*If Salerno had a port, Naples would be dead: or,
   If Salerno had a port,
   Naples would have little sport.

Pg. 351:  Such kinds are called _Vino del Terremoto_: or earthquake wine.  The wine which is called red Calabria in Germany, nay in Italy itself as well as in Sicily, is the produce of Syracuse.
("Calabria" wine not in OED?--ed.)

Pg. 389:  Some of them danced to the _tamborine_, in the court of the house where we lived, almost every evening, a dance which is called _Tarantella_; because it comes from Taranto.
(OED has 1782, then 1844 for "Tarantella"--ed.)

Pg. 402:  We passed hastily through the Pontine marsh; and for having crossed it without injury we may perhaps thank the use of camphor, and of that kind of vinegar which the French call _vinaigre des quatre voleurs_: the vinegar of the four thieves; and the Italians, who seldom are satisfied with small numbers, _accto de i fette ladri_: or vinegar of the seven thieves.
(OED has 1802 for "thieves' vinegar"--ed.)

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