Ipsiphobic? Not quite.

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Apr 22 03:45:07 UTC 2002

"Xenophilia" is conventional ... in this case "morbid xenophilia" might be
appropriate. The equivalent "philoxenia" can be used by the Biblically
inclined, I think. But that's not quite the same concept.

By analogy with "syngenesophobia" = "fear of one's own relatives", I
suppose maybe "sympatriphobia" = "fear of one's own homeland" could be
used: perhaps too specific, and I've never seen the word.

"Homeophobia" has actually been used (rarely) in approximately the sense
desired, I think: "homeo-" = "similar".

Maybe "symphylophobia" = "fear of one's own tribe/race/kind" has the
desired sense. I've never seen the word.

-- Doug Wilson

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