Ipsiphobic? Not quite.

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Mon Apr 22 02:54:37 UTC 2002

A postscript:

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Duane Campbell wrote:

#I need a word, and I'm not above inventing one. I'm writing a piece about
#protest movements where participants often seem to reject their own
#culture, religion, class, etc., and embrace anything "diverse." Example -
#at yesterday's pro-Palestinian rally white, middle-class Americans
#readily accepted a high level of religious cant in speeches from Muslims
#but would probably be turned off if someone representing their parents'
#religion were to do the same thing.

My wife says: I have seen the same sort of thing before, and in my
opinion it is not rejection of one's own culture so much as
condescension to the other culture, in not holding its members to the
same high standards one would demand of one's own culture (or religion
or race). It is practiced by those who wish to be viewed as tolerant or
liberal, but in point of fact they are people who do not wish to take
the time or trouble to engage in rigorous debate. It's lazy and

Of course, this has no bearing on your request for a word, per se.

-- Mark A. Mandel

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