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Tue Apr 23 19:48:41 UTC 2002

        I'm disturbed by the implication that remembering "Sister Christian" (1983) ages you.  That would make you, what, at least 27?

        There's a couple of old New Jersey cases using the unfelicitous "efforted."  From Sharp v. Hamilton, 12 N.J.L. 109 (1830):  "But the defendant made no attempt to shew title or right of possession in himself, as tenant, or otherwise, but merely efforted to shew himself out of possession."  In other words, in this property dispute, the defendant did not defend on the ground that he had a right to be in possession of the property; instead, he tried to show that he could not be ejected from the property because he himself had abandoned the property.

John Baker

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Aging myself, but with the discussion on Christian and Motoring I cannot
get "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger (1985?) out of my head.

BTW, next assignment, "efforted." Uggh.

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