Il Ghetto, Struddle (1617)

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Sun Apr 28 05:54:22 UTC 2002

written by Fynes Moryson
London: Iohn Beale
(Early English Books Online)

   OED uses this work for 1,405 citations!  Moryson writes about all of Europe and more.
   I haven't finished it, but I'll post the "Ghetto" and "Struddle" (Strudel) that OED did not cite.  (See prior ADS-L posts.)

Pg. 21:  The River hath foure great water fals, whereof the greatest is at Struddle, eighteene miles from Vienna, which is hardly to be passed, except it be in a floud.

Pg. 88:  The Iewes haue a place to dwell in feuerally, called _Il Ghetto_, where each family hath a little house, and all haue one court-yard common, so as they liue as it were in a Colledge, or Almes-house, and may not come forth after the gates are locked at night, and in the day they are bound to weare a yellow cap.

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