trunk vs boot

Lesa Dill lesa.dill at WKU.EDU
Mon Dec 2 19:06:07 UTC 2002

"Boot" was/is?? widely used in Texas also.

Catherine Merlen wrote:

> le 2/12/02 18:36, Erin Conley à ekconley at HOTMAIL.COM a écrit :
> > In the small Kentucky community, where I grew up, people always referred to
> > the "trunk" of the car as the "boot."  I always thought it was the southern
> > way of saying it, until I first went to college in the mountains of Eastern
> > Kentucky.  It was there that my new friends laughed their heads off at
> > hearing me say this.  Someone told me that is how they refer to it in
> > England.  Does anyone know if theret is truth to that?  Since that time, I
> > have never heard any other Kentuckians refer to it as a "boot" other than
> > those who live in my little community.
> --
> Indeed, the boot is the trunk in england. They even have boot-sales here,
> some sort of swapmart or garage sales out of the boot of their cars.
> Catherine

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