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Mon Dec 2 23:36:16 UTC 2002

A friend on the English faculty at N. Mex State U asked me to post this to
Answers can be sent directly to him:

Tom Lynch  <tomlynch at nmsu.edu>

(with those of general interest copied to ADS-L).
A. Murie
  > I've heard several people in New Mexico who I take to be full-blooded
Anglos who speak English with a noticeable Spanish accent.  I think some of
the Anglos who grow up in predominately Spanish-speaking communities must
pick this accent up as the standard form of English.  I don't know if
anyone has ever studied this, but it's quite interesting and suggests the
possibility of an emerging Southwestern accent.  Has anyone else noticed
this?  <
Tom Lynch  tomlynch at nmsu.edu
New Mexico State University

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