Obsolete term: touch typing

Wed Dec 4 18:40:25 UTC 2002

Frank Abate writes,

  >> Same kind of thing is happening re dial telephones (and the word
  >> re use of telephones), glass milk bottles (now in antique stores here,
  >> though still in daily use in the UK), inkwells...Typewriters may soon
  >> join that list...

Not, I think, the same kind of thing.

Telephones are still very much around; we just (mostly) no longer dial them
(I have one dial instrument left in my house).

Typewriters' numbers, on the other hand, are diminishing (although I've
still got my Correcting Selectric II)--but we still use the same inputting
skill on our computer keyboards. Unlike dialing, it's still done--and
apparently more kids than ever are learning it. With all their fingers.

So what do you call it? The kids, Allan reported, just call it "typing."
Most of the grownups I know do, too. Even though there's no longer *type*
attached to, or moved by, the keys.

--Dodi Schultz

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