Obsolete term: touch typing

Anne Rogers AnneR at HKUSA.COM
Wed Dec 4 19:50:32 UTC 2002

There still seem to be a lot of people who use the two-fingered "hunt and
peck" method, which was how my typing teacher in high school referred to it.
She warned us that we'd never type faster than 35-40 wpm if we didn't learn
to touch type -- the benchmark to pass a standard typing test (and the
class) was 55 or 60 wpm, I believe.

I've often wondered if they still teach typing in high school (or earlier?)
because there do seem to be a lot of kids who know how -- or maybe they all
learned on Mavis Beacon software!

Anne Rogers

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allan metcalf asks:
 >Maybe there are no two-fingered typists left, to contrast "touch
 >typing" with?

not entirely true.  i am such a two-fingered typist.  but then i'm
pretty old.

where and when do people learn touch-typing these days?  it does
seem to be pretty much universal among college kids in the u.s.
or at least the ones i see.

arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu)

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