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Thu Dec 5 01:52:17 UTC 2002

BROOKLYN EAGLE ONLINE--Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait until October 2003.  I'd like at least the EAGLE as a backup to the online NEW YORK TIMES for New York City terms.  See the attached message below...Continuing note to Rupert Murdoch:  How about an online NEW YORK POST?

YANIGAN--The New Castle (PA) Quakers were called Yanigans for the 1899 season.  I'll research the PA newspapers (INQUIRER and PUBLIC LEDGER) for the spring of 1894 and 1895 tomorrow.

BETTER RED/DEAD THAN DEAD/RED--I just checked the online TIMES OF LONDON.  From 14 November 1958, pg. 13, col. F, "The slogan 'better red than dead' has no appeal for him.  "Better dead than red" is the headline in 14 August 1961, pg. 6, col. A.

LEBKUCHEN--Expect a really great 1850 "lebkuchen" tomorrow, from PICTURES OF NUREMBERG.  I had copied half of the recipe when the NYPL closed today.

FECKLESS--Today's NEW YORK SUN uses "feckless" in its editorial about the NEW YORK TIMES.  This comes on the heels of the multiple use of "simulacrum."  One "hegemony" and I've had enough.

Brooklyn Eagle Online
12/4/2002 5:11:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Dear Mr Popik:
The Eagle Online will not be made widely available to the public until
October 2003. Do you know that the current phase of the project covers only
the years 1841-1902? We do not currently have funding to go beyond that

The product is currently undergoing beta-testing. If you would like to be
one of our testers--which would allow you to have advance access to the
database--please let me know.
Joy Holland
Project Director
Eagle Online

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