Teaching With a Kentucky Accent

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Fri Dec 13 12:26:03 UTC 2002

>They are for insiders only (lest you get prepared for them).


>[dEn at s]
>And you haven't shared any of those with us?  This core (Michigan) NLB feels
>I am from Louisville, and I have taught and studied my entire
>professional life at Wisconsin, Ohio State, SUNY, and now Michigan
>State. I have an enormous set of put-downs, one-liners, quick
>come-backs, and even detailed arguments (the last the least
>effective) to use against NLBs (Northern Language Bigots). Stay in
>touch if you need me.
>I am going to be teaching soon and I have a very large fear of how I will
>sound to my class with my kentucky accent.  Especially if I leave the state.
>Candace Cool
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