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Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Tue Dec 10 13:43:40 UTC 2002


I about to go to my thinking-place and decide on the recipients of
this year's Presidential Honorary Membership Awards (as described in
the most recent NADS).

To refresh your memory -

Every year the President of ADS selects an elite group of students
(usually three) who have made outstanding contributions to our field.
In addition to the honor of being selected, each gets

1) Four free membership years, and

2) Free luncheon (and personal recognition) at the annual meeting,
this year in Atlanta of course, but with the option of putting off
this part of the award until a later date if the recipient cannot
attend (although that is almost unthinkable to me since I will give
this year's luncheon address), and

3) (almost always) a photograph for the recipient's treasured
memories book of her or himself with the ADS President and other

I remind all members that I must be given a description of the
nominee's qualifications as soon as possible, even if we have
previously discussed your nominee in a hallway, bistro,
watering-hole, or even an electronic medium. Please do not depend on
my memory; now is the time to pick up your keyboard and nominate (or
re-nominate, as the case may be).



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