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Tue Dec 10 17:52:47 UTC 2002

Dennis, must the nominee be a student now, or could a recent M.A., say,

At 08:43 AM 12/10/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I about to go to my thinking-place and decide on the recipients of
>this year's Presidential Honorary Membership Awards (as described in
>the most recent NADS).
>To refresh your memory -
>Every year the President of ADS selects an elite group of students
>(usually three) who have made outstanding contributions to our field.
>In addition to the honor of being selected, each gets
>1) Four free membership years, and
>2) Free luncheon (and personal recognition) at the annual meeting,
>this year in Atlanta of course, but with the option of putting off
>this part of the award until a later date if the recipient cannot
>attend (although that is almost unthinkable to me since I will give
>this year's luncheon address), and
>3) (almost always) a photograph for the recipient's treasured
>memories book of her or himself with the ADS President and other
>I remind all members that I must be given a description of the
>nominee's qualifications as soon as possible, even if we have
>previously discussed your nominee in a hallway, bistro,
>watering-hole, or even an electronic medium. Please do not depend on
>my memory; now is the time to pick up your keyboard and nominate (or
>re-nominate, as the case may be).
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