Teaching With a Kentucky Accent

Candace Cool candi_cool at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 12 05:19:47 UTC 2002

I am going to be teaching soon and I have a very large fear of how I will
sound to my class with my kentucky accent.  Especially if I leave the state.

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>As I said, this was the vague impression of Mid-Landers, who had probably
>never even been "out there".  And a lot of Washingtonians and Oregonians
>a while there, seemed to be transplants from California, and thus, the
>perceived spread of the "surfer-like" speech.
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> > Wow! Amazing how distorted things can be! I think Curt and his band,
>Nirvana, were from Seattle, the alleged home of grunge, which is what I
>think you are describing. As far as sounding like surfers--I don't think
>I can't imagine anyone trying to sound like a surfer here. That's just a
>different culture.  (Also, the water's too cold to be into surfing, unless
>you have a thick wet suit).  I guess we Oregonians are just 'out there'
>(i.e. West) and are largely unknown.  That's just fine.
> > Fritz
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