Windy City (Jan. 16, 1883, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER)

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Mon Dec 16 23:26:01 UTC 2002

   No trip to the Library of Congress could be complete without pushing "Windy City" back a bit.  I'm told that this is Dennnis Preston's favorite ADS-L feature.
   I did NOT see it in very long Chicago articles in the LOUISVILLE COURIER JOURNAL in 1882.  Also, the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER had a good chance to use it about two weeks earlier in 1883, but didn't.
   Notice the lack of caps.

   16 January 1883, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. 4, col. 1:
   THE Chicago papers are quick to "catch on" to a fire sensation and make the most of it.  The Milwaukee calamity was almost at Chicago's doors, and put the people of the windy city on the alert.  The first news received in Cincinnati of the fire in the Planters' House in St. Louis Sunday morning came from Chicago.  They know how to appreciate a fire item up that way.

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