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Mon Dec 16 23:28:12 UTC 2002

        I'm forwarding a list contribution from Sally Donlon.  I note in response that the Irving Berlin version of "You're the Top" seemingly consists of only risque references, making a straightforward reference to Roman arches unlikely.  However, the suggested meaning probably is a part of whatever double entendre is intended.

John Baker

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Excuse me, but why couldn't "arch from the Rome collection"
simply refer to a Roman arch, as in memes and spandrels,
etc.? The Roman arches in Hadrian's Wall, alone, merited
their own documentary. It's a classical form that has
intrigued historians and archaeologists since it's somewhat
remarkable inception.

Happy Holidays,

Sally O. Donlon

P.S. Sorry to impose on your email but there's some setting
on my university's server that precludes me from
participating directly in the list, and this has been
killing me.....  -sod-

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