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>  Rima writes:
> >There is the quote: "We have to be very, very careful how much we let
> >Union Square get commoditized.  Union Square is getting to the status
> >of being the last holdout, with retail being so commoditized...."
> >
> >I hadn't heard it before.
>  ~~~~~~~
> Is it useful?  Does it say something that "commodify" & "commodification"
> which have been around for a while, don't already say?
> A. Murie

"Commoditize" has been around for a while--I first noticed it about five years
ago; which means its probably older than that. It means the same
as "commodify."

I've never heard "commodify" used in the wild (i.e., among business and
marketing people). In my experience it has always been "commoditize." I had to
look up "commodify" to make sure it didn't mean to "modify together." By not
shifting the T to an F "commoditize" is clearer and the meaning is instantly
recognizable to those who are unfamiliar with the word.

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