sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Mon Dec 30 03:44:15 UTC 2002

 Dave Wilton writes:
>"Commoditize" has been around for a while--I first noticed it about five years
>ago; which means its probably older than that. It means the same
>as "commodify."
>I've never heard "commodify" used in the wild (i.e., among business and
>marketing people). In my experience it has always been "commoditize." I had to
>look up "commodify" to make sure it didn't mean to "modify together." By not
>shifting the T to an F "commoditize" is clearer and the meaning is instantly
>recognizable to those who are unfamiliar with the word.
This suggests that it is used in a more technical sense.  "Commodify" I
think usually has a disparaging or deploring tone.  As in deprecating the
commodification of cultural values, &c.
A. Murie

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