Pattypan Squash (1835); Pattypan Pie (1841)

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   The latest volue of DARE (P-SK) has "pattypan squash" from 1863.  The American Periodical Series is working again:

The Genesee Farmer and Gardener's Journal (1831-1839), Rochester; Aug 22, 1835; Vol. 5, Iss. 34
Hybrid squashes; Anonymous; pg. 265, 1 pgs
   ("The Bush or Pattypan Squash (_Cucurbea melapepo_)..."  It's very hard to read, but it's here--ed.)


   From the North Amerian Women's Letters and Diaries database:

Platt, Jeanette Hulme. "Letter from Jeannette Hulme Platt to Martha Hulme Canfield, January 02, 1841"
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sole occupant of the spacious kitchen of Point Pleasant for the day. Commencing at 10½ o'clock I made thirty-one pies! Mince pies? Yes, thirty-one mince pies! Was not that enough of itself to make me begin to be "poorly." To be sure, for the sake of exactness, I must say sixteen were little patty-pan pies the size of my thumb. And then I said I was sole occupant of the kitchen. Mary Ann and Phoebe were both there. I had a fine time after all, as I told mother last evening. By begging and bribing I had dry wood cut by Bill to fit the oven, and dry wood cut to fit the stove, and

Results Bibliography
Platt, Jeanette Hulme, 1816-1877, Letter from Jeannette Hulme Platt to Martha Hulme Canfield, January 02, 1841, in Life and Letters of Mrs. Jeanette H. Platt. Platt, Cyrus. Philadelphia, PA: E. Claxton & Co., 1882, pp. 363. [Bibliographic Details] [Biography] [1-2-1841] S166-D009

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