Dropping final consonants

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I'm not aware of the prosodic conditioning, and I'd like to hear more about
that.  However, here in Muncie, IN, I here a lot of glottal stop for final
/t/, with no /t/.  Given the normal glottalization of final fortis
consonants, this seems pretty clearly to be final /t/ deletion.  Since final
/t/ deletes between consonants, deletion after a glottal stop may be a
further generalization of the process?  I haven't heard final /p/ or /k/
deletion after a glottal stop around here.


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AAllan at AOL.COM said:
>A non-linguist colleague of mine declares that he hears students dropping
>final consonants. He puts it this way:
><<Perhaps it is only my imagination, but are younger people leaving final
>consonants off words?  Many students, it seems to me, are saying "buh" for
>"but," "wha'" for "what," "tha" for "that," etc.  Have you noticed anything
>like this?  If it is occurring, what could be the cause?>>
>and then he followed up with
><<Ten minutes ago, toward the end of a twenty minute
>conversation with a fine student, I said to myself, "I wish Allan were here
>listen to this."  She is highly intelligent, focused, etc., but she
>dropped the last consonant from words.  About two minutes ago another
>a fellow, dropped by, and he did the same in about five instances.  (Maybe
>it's my hearing!)>>
>Anything new to this? Is it just a matter of hearing what has been
>all along?

I'd like to see more examples. These examples all end with /t/, and
this might be a matter of "glottal replacement". Or the stops might
just be unreleased. I hear both variants frequently, at all levels of
formality. It's extremely variable by speaker, and, for some
speakers, there appears to be prosodic conditioning as well.
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