re use of OED

mark worden mworden at WIZZARDS.NET
Tue Apr 1 02:03:31 UTC 2003

Dang, I don't mean to cast a bad light on anybody.  Interpretation of
copyright law is not within my competence.  Clearly.

Excuse me, I'm in over my head here.

Quark out, and not beating his wife any more either
Lower Umpqua Addictive Conundrum Institute

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> On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, mark worden wrote:
> > Please disregard and destroy the post, "red line via OED" wherein the
> > of that post quoted copyrighted material, without permission.
> Do you mean you think you did something wrong in posting the quotations
> without permission of the quotation authors, or that you did something
> wrong in posting editorial material from the OED?  Either interpretation
> of copyright law and fair use would cast many of us on this list in a
> very, very bad light indeed!
> Fred Shapiro
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