Vegetable Spaghetti (1976); Spaghetti Squash (1976)

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   OED has 1973 for "vegetable spaghetti."  OED does not have "spaghetti squash."

   1 April 1962, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 26:
   The flesh of the vegetable spaghetti is a spiral of spaghetti-like pulp that may be served with catsup or old as a salad.

   17 October 1976, NEW YORK TIES, pg. 395:
   Spaghetti squash is not a sacrifice, but an interesting novelty for as long as the vegetable is in season.

   Here's a book title fro OCLC WorldCat:

The vegetable spaghetti cookbook :
how to grow & how to cook spaghetti squash /
Author: Fell, Derek.; Shaudys, Phyllis.
Publication: Washington Crossing, PA : Pine Row Publications, 1982

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