Turban Squash (1872)

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   Might as well continue with "squash."  OED has 1902 for "turban squash."

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Page 110

     Having been the first to introduce to the public the
Hubbard Squash, American Turban Squash, Marble-
head Mammoth Cabbage, Mexican Sweet Corn, Phin-
ney's Water-Melon, Brown's New Dwarf Marrowfat
Pea, Boston Curled Lettuce, and other
New and Valuable Vegetables,
with the return of another season I am again prepared
to supply the public with Vegetable and Flower Seeds
of the purest quality. My Annual Catalogue is now
ready, and will be sent free to all. It has not only all
novelties, but the standard vegetables of the farm and
garden (over one hundred which are of my own grow-
ing), and a carefully selected list of Flower Seeds. On
the cover of my Catalogue will be found copies of let-
ters received from farmers and gardeners residing in
over thirty different states and territories who have used
my seed from one to ten years. I warrant -- 1st, That
all money sent shall reach me; 2d, That all seed ordered
shall reach the purchaser; 3d, That my seed shall be
fresh, and true to name. Catalogues free to all.

JAMES J. H. GREGORY , Marblehead, Mass.

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