Sheet Cake (1944)

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>    Sheet cake?
>    People eat sheet cake?  What's it made out of?  Is it any better than a cow pie > or a meadow muffin?
>    For various reasons, you don't see the name around much anymore.  However, it's > in this food dictionary I'm reading.  The NEW YORK TIMES has 54 hits.
>    20 February 1944, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. SM27 ad for Presto Self Rising Cake Flour:
>    ...sheet cake pan...
>    20 February 1945, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 16:
> pans of sheet cake for the hungry crew of an LST.

"Sheet cake" is still very much found in a bakery setting: maybe
the home baker wants to be more creative these days and baking a
flat cake is just ... flat. The bundt pan probably had a lot to
do with it. Remember when bundt cakes were exotic fare?

Bakeries usually sell sheets, 1/2-sheets, 1/4-sheets too.
Depending on the bakery, the dimensions of the full-sheet (and,
hence, the 1/2, 1/4, &c.) differ.

One bakery's 1/2 sheet might be another's 1/3 sheet. Should you
ever do some comparative pricing, ask for w/l/h dimensions and
calculate $/volume.

<> claims to
have created the first ice cream cake roll in 1932, using sheet
cake and ice cream.

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