Sheet Cake (1944)

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Thu Apr 3 07:10:28 UTC 2003

SEITAN--That date on the last post should have been changed to 1986-87, not 1990.  The devil made me do it.


   Sheet cake?
   People eat sheet cake?  What's it made out of?  Is it any better than a cow pie or a meadow muffin?
   For various reasons, you don't see the name around much anymore.  However, it's in this food dictionary I'm reading.  The NEW YORK TIMES has 54 hits.

   20 February 1944, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. SM27 ad for Presto Self Rising Cake Flour:
   ...sheet cake pan...

   20 February 1945, NE YORK TIMES, pg. 16: pans of sheet cake for the hungry crew of an LST.

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