Oolong tea (1845)

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Fri Apr 4 04:44:26 UTC 2003

   Merriam-Webster has 1850 and OED has 1852 for "oolong."

   18 October 1845, NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE (American Periodical Series) pg. 71 ad:
DELICIOUS OOLONG--A most delightful black tea called by the Celestials "Oolong," is sold by the Pekin Tea Copany, 75 Fulton street, at 50 cents per pound, superior to any black tea we have ever bought for double that price.

   22 october 1845, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 2:
   Some of the captions alluded to are "Delicious Oolong,"...
(The article refers to ads like the above--ed.)

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